Rising is an indelible melody Continue reading

A Classic Base

What better way to spend an evening Continue reading


Organic, symbiotic, lyrical and poignant fanfare and counterpoint. Continue reading

This Unmemorable Evening

The dizzyness of moonlight and optimism.
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Series of Adjustments

A process of realignment, healthful stretching out and smoking rhythm changes. Continue reading

Roberta, Roberta

Roberta, Roberta has the kick of a jump blues. Screamin’, moanin’ and wailin’–this ditty gets down with an old-fashioned, unlaquered sound. Continue reading

Cupcake Flavor Profile

A call to and fro, with a bridge gravity. Continue reading

44 Magnum

Steamy summer soliliquy out the neon-lit window as taxis drive the gritty street below. Continue reading

Bike Lanes

Rolling unbuckled, a honking and skidding run down East Broadway.

Bike lanes all the way down Howard St. to Fremont St. Continue reading

Oxtail Soup

Down home tasty spoonful, building to a baptist shout. Continue reading